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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2

9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Torrent Critical situations for the main character are routine. Due to constant rescue operations, he practically ceased to be subject to fears. And the instinct of self-preservation plunges into sleep, at the sight of unexpected danger to strangers. The man is part of a dedicated 911 team that specializes in all emergencies and lethally impact human life. This becomes even more difficult when you consider the responsibility to your tiny daughter.

Everything turned out so that due to an accident, his beloved wife died, leaving him with a child. In desperation, he made a promise to protect the child, not to expose him to risks. To better understand the causes of the danger, I decided to become a lifeguard.

Fate threw him to Austin, because of which he had to say goodbye to his career. This town is famous for its quiet streets and virtually no crime. Because of this, he was hardly able to get into the police, as an operative who goes on calls. The structure also belonged to the 9-1-1 hot-dialing service system, so he could easily fit into the team. Something went wrong, and instead of worthy acceptance, he gets the status of a lonely idealist and outcast.

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