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AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon (2021)

AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon Torrent The main character was born in the Amazonian jungle. Here, each plant and animal has its own secrets and dangers. A girl named Ainbo one day learns information that changes a lot in her life. Her ears hear what she cannot believe. According to what Ainbo heard, her hometown where she lives is in great danger. “Important” people still got to this protected corner of the planet. Now they will not leave him alone just like that. But the main character cannot accept this. Her native village should exist, like everything else in the Amazon. As soon as the heroine learns the shocking information, she is not lost for a second. Faced with a great threat, Ainbo must seek help.

The magical animals that live in the region will surely help Ainbo understand a difficult situation. Together with them, the main character embarks on a dizzying journey, during which a variety of events await her. Climb to an active volcano? Meet a powerful Amazonian spirit? In the end, learn about the existence of a mythical monster … All these events will take place in the near future in the life of the main character, she must be ready for this.

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