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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Bad Boys for Life 2020 Torrent Inseparable partners Mike and Marcus have different outlooks on life. Despite all the differences between them, detectives try to work together to catch a dangerous criminal. They will again have to take part in dashing shootings and dizzying pursuits. No one can stop the bad guys.

Law enforcement officer Mike and his partner use their position to get to the hospital. Newly made grandfather Burnett picks up the baby. Mike makes fun of his comrade, who cannot hold back his tears. At this time, the widow of the drug lord Aretas, Isabel, nicknamed the “Witch”, makes a daring escape from a Mexican prison. She asks her son to go to Miami and kill everyone who took part in the arrest of the head of the drug cartel Aretas. Once in Miami, the young man finds his father’s stash with several million dollars. Local bandits decide to take all the money from him. A lively youth cracks down on the boss of a local group.

The guy hires Lorenzo Rodriguez to help him in the search for his father’s offenders. Meanwhile, the main characters are having fun at the bar. Burnett tries to explain to his friend that it is time for him to start a family. Police lieutenant and leader of an elite team called “POMM” Rita congratulates her colleague on the birth of her grandson. A dispute ensues between the main characters. They decide to run a race. Armando suddenly appears. Driving a motorcycle, he shoots Mike. A seriously injured man is taken to the hospital. After a difficult operation, he falls into a coma. Six months later, Mike wakes up. Meanwhile, Armando continues to kill people who are associated with the case of the infamous drug lord.

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