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Batwoman Season 2

The city is in turmoil, the most unique superhero named Batman has disappeared. Later they found him dead, they decided not to enter the character’s headquarters anymore, so as not to disturb the story and destroy his lair. At this time, criminals begin to riot in the settlement, the underworld has grown with great success.

Batwoman Season 2 Torrent Law enforcement agencies do not have time to respond in time to dangerous moments for the life of citizens. The state is trying to find a new person who can become a principled defender of justice and fairness. At this time, a young girl was going through the moment of parting with her beloved girl. It turns out that they served in the police, but it was decided to leave.

The heroine could not imagine life without her beloved, but she understood that she could not be next to her. The only thing she asked the Gods for was to keep her alive. She suddenly finds out that her beloved woman has been kidnapped, and now it is necessary to go in search of her. In addition, the heroine is the cousin of the deceased Superhero, she wants to get into his dungeon, and find a suit, which is still locked up. It is at this moment that the girl becomes a supernatural person, puts on clothes made of leather, and turns into Batwoman.

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