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Better Call Saul Season 5

Better Call Saul Season 5 Torrent Jimmy McGill has gone through many adventures on the road to success. He was a rather mediocre lawyer who was in no hurry to be invited to reputable firms. He had to work hard to make ends meet and pay bills. In Albuquerque, he lived with his brother in an old and cluttered apartment in a dysfunctional area. But even in this difficult time for him, the hero continued to dream of recognition and wealth. Once he realized that getting what he wanted was possible only with the help of his mind and perseverance.

But until the moment he meets the risky and determined Walter White, he will have to go through many misadventures. But one day he will achieve that level of reputation when the largest drug dealers in the state, in any unforeseen situation, will say: “you better call Saul.” What obstacles will a man have to go through? How does he get from an ordinary loser to such a high level? And how will a swindler and a swindler get out of the trap into which he led himself? He will change his name twice in his life. But even fresh and untainted documents will not be able to free him from his memories. What caused his rise and fall? Who helped him to believe in himself? And how did his relationship with the people and clients develop?

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