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Black Widow (2021)

Natasha Romanoff moves to Budapest after a battle at the airport. The girl is made aware of the universal design, which allows her not to remember past events and erase the traces left by people from her memory. She has the nickname Black Widow Torrent. The main character plans to get rid of her fingerprints and information about her DNA, which are stored in government databases. However, the past makes itself felt.

The Black Widow meets Elena Belova, who tells her secret information that existed even before her entry into the Avengers group. Natasha becomes aware of the conspiracy, of which Alexei, Melina and Elena are members. Romanoff frees the Red Guard from captivity. From now on, the girl is being persecuted by the Black Widows. A hunt has been announced for Natasha. She defends the Avengers team and faces sad losses.

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