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Cruella (2021)

1970s Great Britain. London. Here lives a shy young girl Estela, who is just starting to take the first steps in building her own business. A charming gullible girl chose a couturier job for herself. Cruella 2021 Torrent The naive fool did not think that at the beginning she would face a harsh harsh reality, which contains only deception, betrayal and betrayal on the part of close and dear friends.

Estela takes a closer look at the distrust from nasty self-righteous visitors and clients who don’t believe in the talent of an innocent victim. Meanwhile, in the soul of a frightened person, a cherished dream arose, the essence of which was that she wanted to become a famous popular fashion designer. The goal in place will slowly but surely retrain her into a crazy intruder who does not control her constant bouts of aggression and anger.

Despite the periodic bullying and humiliation, the courageous girl consistently earned decent money. After a while, the poor fellow changes his name to Cruella de Ville. A lover of fabulous fur lost her composure after the first meeting with mysterious Dalmatian puppies.

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