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Edge of the World (2021)

1840s. Dear Mr. James Brook enjoyed fame in the broad high-ranking circles of the government of the powerful Kingdom of Great Britain. Edge of the World 2021 Torrent Throughout his adult life, a handsome, cheerful young guy tried to correspond to the established status, since he did not want to cause shame on an old powerful family. However, the boring existence within England was far from pleasing to the ambitious, determined daredevil.

In fact, the agile young man has always dreamed of going on a dizzying journey towards adventure. Once the handsome man could not resist that he went to the paradise islands of Borneo, where he planned to become the new king of the jungle. The adventurer understood perfectly well that he could not cope with the upcoming trials and difficulties alone. After all, the crusade included a potential meeting with bloodthirsty arrogant pirates who instilled fear in the locals. James inspired his old buddies Lord Jim, who also suffered within his hated native land. The close-knit friendly team carefully considered the route of the upcoming trip in advance. But fate prepared unexpected surprises for them.

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