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Evil Season 2

Kristen is confused after the latest crimes. Excessive cruelty and lack of logic motivates her to think about finding experienced helpers. Evil Season 2 Torrent She does not believe in miracles, is skeptical of the phenomenon of obsession, and does not recognize violations for the good.

The detective is sure that all those who violate the law are obliged to serve their sentences. Suddenly, a new story forces her to join forces with an engineer, a scientist to the bone and a priest who sincerely believes in the mercy of God. Cardinally opposite worldviews are able to correctly form the killer’s motivation. Evidence also doesn’t help pinpoint the direction of a mass murder. There are hints of the involvement of mystical forces.

How can a psychologist by education solve this puzzle? Starting to listen to temporary colleagues, the woman notices a strange tendency. All explanations start with the concept of “evil.” This is one of the few behavioral formations that is equally perceived by scientific followers and believers for generations. If Mrs. Bouchard manages to grab onto the only distinct thread that engenders the opposition of faith and science, then cruel deaths can also be uncovered.

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