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Fear Street: 1978 (2021)

In a small American town located in the hinterland, a calm measured life once proceeded. Schoolchildren attended classes, and in their free time, teenagers devoted a lot of time to sports games, playing football matches with peers from another nearby village, very similar in size and mentality. Fear Street: 1978 Torrent However, from a certain point in time, massacres of innocent people begin here, which occur with frightening regularity. Residents, who have had a lot of nightmares, christened their town the death capital of the country.

A group of teenagers, after being in a children’s summer camp located near this town with a bad reputation, a mysterious cruel killer literally turned the rest of schoolchildren into a struggle for survival, decide to end this horror once and for all. The old-timers, to whom the heroes turned for advice, said that a quiet life for this place is completely uncharacteristic, and in order to understand the origins of what is happening and somehow remove a very long-standing curse, one should turn to the events that happened here about three centuries ago.

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