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Flora & Ulysses (2021)

A sweet and friendly girl named Flora lives with her parents and helps them in every possible way with the housework. Flora & Ulysses 2021 Torrent She does not have friends, many consider the girl strange, she does not hide it, loves animals very much and believes in miracles. Instead of communicating with her peers, she rushes home, where she enjoys reading various comics. She believes in the existence of superheroes.

One day he dreams of meeting supernatural power. Walking in the park with her mother, she suddenly found a squirrel, he himself stuck to her, and did not lag behind the young lady. He seemed pretty sweet to her, she decided to shelter him in the house. Later, the pet signaled to the girl that he had talent, and when he managed to get through to her, they decided to go on a trip together. The squirrel needs to find his bunker, where he has his own army. Flora has finally reached the limit of her dreams and now has the opportunity to see magic.

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