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Greenland (2020)

A disaster film, tells about the Garrit family. Clarke’s comet rushes towards our planet at great speed. Greenland 2020 Torrent Scientists have calculated that a small fragment from it will fall into the ocean, so there is nothing to fear. But the calculations turned out to be wrong, the shrapnel destroys the whole city near Florida, where John Garritt lives with his wife Alison and son Nathan.

Now the comet threatens to destroy the entire planet. John receives a message that there is a bunker in Greenland to survive the disaster. Only a select population is waiting for the plane, and John and his family are invited. To get to the airport, the heroes have to fight their way through crowds of people in panic. Now they only care about their own life. Miraculously arriving at the place, the family finds out that Nathan has run out of insulin. John goes in search of a cure, but they are not allowed to board the plane. Only healthy people are going to save. But there is one more opportunity for salvation, and the Garrites intend to use it.

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