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Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

A long time ago, the paths of people completely polar, unexpectedly crossed. This is how professional bodyguard Michael Bryce and no less professional killer Darius Kinkade make acquaintances. Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Torrent Being absolutely adequate people, they maintain the warmest and most friendly relations, dispersed in different directions. And now, after many, many years, men intersect again. Only this time they will have to work together to achieve the common good. Michael Bryce learns that a serious cyberattack may occur in the very near future.

And it will lead to the fact that the European Union will have to fall! Bryce cannot allow this to happen. The man is sure that he is able to prevent the situation, it is only necessary to make every effort. Therefore, for help he turns to a proven professional – the killer Kinkade and his wife Sonya, who is also engaged in her husband’s professional activities. The Trinity will have to literally do the impossible to prevent a cyberattack. But, it is necessary to act as carefully and clearly as possible, because otherwise the heads of not only the trinity of defenders will fly, but also hundreds of other, completely innocent people who did not know anything about what was happening.

 1,670 total,  126 today