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Home Before Dark Season 1

A small provincial town on the shores of a picturesque lake. It is here that nine-year-old Hilde Lisko moves from the bustling New York. Once upon a time her father lived here and now, after many years, he decided to return to his native land. Young Hilde is an active and precocious girl. She has an exceptional talent for writing fascinating stories, which is not surprising, because her father Matthew is a journalist. And the little girl simply adores all sorts of mysterious stories, she is attracted by everything mystical and inexplicable. Home Before Dark Season 1 Torrent Having settled in a new place, Hilde tries to make friends with the locals. But all her attempts end in failure. In addition, the girl notices that everyone in the town is looking at her dad in a strange way and avoiding him.

Intrigued by this, Hilde tries to figure out the reason. And soon she manages to hear a rather strange story that happened here many years ago. However, Hilda never manages to find out any details. Then she, like a real reporter, decides to conduct her own investigation and find out everything. But nothing, except that her father was involved in the incident, the girl could not find out. Hilde is intrigued and does not understand what was so terrible that happened many years ago that others still do not want to talk about it. Now she definitely won’t be able to stop until she gets to the bottom of the truth.

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