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Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)

Judas and the Black Messiah 2021 Torrent The film takes place in the seventies of the last century in Chicago. William O’Neill falls into the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was caught with false documents in a stolen car. However, he has a chance to stay free if he agrees to the deal. Since the hero is a dark-skinned man, he is offered to infiltrate the Black Panther organization.

It unites all black people who are fighting for their rights. The organization is growing every day and begins to influence the political situation in the country. William’s task is to establish relations with the leader of the organization and inform the intelligence officers about everything they are planning. But how will things really turn out? ..
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Among Hampton’s early accomplishments were a successful campaign to create a desegregated youth pool in his city and student protests against policies that only allowed white women to be appointed queen in high school. The FBI’s goal is to silence Hampton and the Black Panther Party. However, a professional thief, O’Neill does not want and is even afraid of manipulation both by his comrades and by his curator, special agent Roy Mitchell.

Hampton’s political prowess grows when he falls in love with revolutionary Deborah Johnson. Meanwhile, there is a battle for O’Neill’s soul. Will he join the forces of good? Or subdue the Hampton and the Panthers by any means necessary, as ordered by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover?

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