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Lisey’s Story Season 1

Lisey is happy, her husband has achieved incredible success. He is a writer and his novels are popular. But this happiness has a downside. The fact is that Scott Landon draws inspiration from his visions. Sometimes he loses the line between fiction and reality. In the end, Scott fell ill and died. Lisey was left alone, she cannot cope with grief. Moreover, soon they begin to threaten her, demanding unpublished novels written by her husband during his lifetime. These works are estimated at a huge amount. Lisey’s Story Season 1 Torrent The widow flatly refused to sell the manuscripts. Another problem was added to the buyers’ threats. The very visions that haunted her husband burst into the life of the main character.

Now Scott himself is in them, he wants to open the road for the main character, but where will this path lead and is it worth going along it? Lisey every day plunges into a great abyss of nightmares. It seems that the horror that haunted Scott switched to his widow, and the writer from the other world dragged his wife into the quest. She finds strange notes, sees inexplicable drawings, all these are riddles, having solved them the woman will reach the finish line. But for this she will have to remember all the strange things that happened over the years of family life.

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