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Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Morningstar is the lord of Hell. But he gets tired of constantly watching the souls of sinners and his mother. Therefore, leaving Hell to be ruled by another demon, he goes to the surface and finds himself a cozy place in the city of people. Lucifer Season 5 Torrent There, getting used to life, he creates a nightclub, which he runs. He is only interested in beautiful girls and alcohol. Lucifer has a gift that allows you to force anyone to speak the truth, and even take action. But soon he meets the one for which the gift does not work.

Namely, a detective named Chloe Decker. She comes to the club, as one visitor is being killed. And after that, Morningstar tries to use his gift on her, which refuses to work. To find out who she is, the protagonist becomes a police consultant. Now, together with Chloe, he travels to various places, unravels complex cases, and tries to help the detective. Hoping to learn from her who she really is, and why the gift of seduction does not work on her. But he does not yet know that by doing so he starts events that will force him to act differently and to protect those he loves.

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