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Monster Hunter (2020)

Monster Hunter 2020 Torrent The main thing in the plot: Nobody knows about it, but in parallel to the world of people there is a completely different world. In a parallel reality, dangerous monsters rule, which are also endowed with powerful forces. They protect the property from the invasion of strangers. Through a hidden spatial portal, the protagonist of this story, Lieutenant Artemis, enters another dimension, along with her squad of the coolest fighters. But the heroine, together with her fighters, will have to pass the “test by fire”.

People have never seen anything like it. This threat is much more powerful than any that they have faced before. It will be like shock therapy … No one wants to die in a parallel world, so the main character wants to return home by all means. But for this you need to find the right path. To do this, Artemis joins forces with a certain hunter who has the skills to survive in these hostile territories. Together, the heroes will have to enter into a big battle with terrible monsters who do not know what pity and fear are. They are ready to destroy pathetic people. Who will win in the end?

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