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Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Season 1

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Season 1 Torrent Computer games have long become a familiar part of life for a modern person, having won the hearts and minds of their fans, who are ready to exchange the real world for virtual communication. And many of their fans decided to devote their whole lives to their favorite hobby. So Ian Gramm cannot live a day without his work. Ian is a unique computer game developer and just a fan of his craft.

He has real talent and a lot of ideas that he seeks to immediately bring to life. The games he created instantly become popular, and he himself is a real star in the world of gamers. Everyone is just sure that Ian is a genius, and he himself does not deny it, that his subordinates feel great on themselves. Narcissistic and selfish, Ian believes that every word he says should be taken as law, and that his instructions are non-negotiable.

Recently, he came up with another brilliant idea. Ian came up with a new computer game in which he himself will become the main character. The plot is ready, there is little left to do – you just need to upload your consciousness to the worldwide network and once again prove your coolness to the entire gaming world.

Ian is literally burning with a new idea, forgetting about sleep and food, demanding the same zeal from his team. And although subordinates have long been accustomed to such antics of a brilliant boss, this time they really have to sweat to bring his next crazy idea to life.

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