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Nancy Drew Season 2

Young Nancy Drew has always dreamed of breaking out of her hometown Horseshoe Bay. After graduating from school, the girl planned to go to college in another city and it was there to start her adult life. But all of Nancy’s plans were ruined by the sudden death of her mother.

Nancy Drew Season 2 Torrent The already difficult relationship with her father only got worse, and instead of the expected cheerful student life, the girl had to simply try to survive. Realizing that there was no one to rely on, Nancy had to get a job as a waitress at a roadside eatery in the hope that she would still be able to earn money and fulfill her dream of going to college. But here too, failure awaits her. In the parking lot outside the cafe where Nancy works, a murder takes place.

A socialite and the wife of a local millionaire Tiffany are killed. Not wanting to delve into what happened, the police immediately announces Nancy and her friends, who were at that time in the cafe, suspected of murder. Realizing that no one seriously intends to look for the real killer, the girl decides to start her own investigation in order to justify herself and her friends. But to do this, Nancy will have to find no less than the real culprit.

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