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Occupation: Rainfall (2020)

The Earth is not the only planet inhabited by intelligent beings! Somewhere in the distant vastness of the boundless galaxy is the base of the most real aliens, who have once attacked earthlings. Occupation: Rainfall 2020 Torrent The first intergalactic invasion ended with an earthly victory, but a small percentage of the population managed to survive in that massacre. Sydney staunchly repelled the attack of the humanoids, meeting the enemies with artillery fire and powerful fists. Here are just a cunning opponent, many times outnumbering people, is not going to give up. The guests from space made a tactical retreat, which allowed them to replenish their strength and return.

The new Starship Troopers hit Australia like a deadly downpour. The townspeople, who did not have time to recover from the last battle, are forced to take up arms again. Those who managed to survive are ready to continue to resist, not allowing tyrants to enslave the citizens. Every day increases the number of casualties, delaying the long-awaited end of the war abroad for two years. Blood has been shed for many months, and only the Resistance is actively fighting the foreigners. Moreover, no one canceled simple feelings and emotions, so the fighters are regularly distracted by solving personal problems. Conflicts within the close-knit team cannot do without, the situation is heating up.

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