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Onward (2020)

The main characters are funny elf brothers! They are constantly together and do everything together. The guys could not even think that in the near future big changes would begin to occur in the wizarding world and most of the privileges would disappear. The fact is that technological progress does not stand still, more and more various new products appear, gradually filling the world. Onward 2020 Torrent The time for change has come for each inhabitant of amazing spaces. The guys began to regularly move around the world, and this moment was no longer something incredible.

A great opportunity to discover, and then use your talents to get much more. Whatever it was, but the past life was close to everyone, so the elves made the decision that, by all means, return everything to normal. For them, they go on an exciting, but a little dangerous journey to find ancient magic. This is the only way to find out whether the things surrounding reality really are.

The brothers could just believe in everything and enjoy every moment. Whatever it was, but there are pluses in every action. For restless elves, this is not an option. They are ready to find out everything on their own and reveal secrets that will affect the fate of everyone! Forward to an exciting adventure! You won’t be bored with these guys!

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