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Pig (2021)

Pig Torrent Once upon a time, an attractive man named Rob was considered an outstanding and promising chef. The culinary specialist enjoyed dizzying success in his favorite field, and worked tirelessly in one of the most prestigious restaurants in his native beloved state of the United States of America. However, an insidious fate pushed him into terrible grief, after which the poor man was completely disillusioned with justice.

The author of delicious dishes decided to radically change the situation, so he moved to a secluded wilderness thicket, located in an impenetrable forest near the town of Oregon. In the new place, Rob quickly adapted to unusual conditions, and even got a cute pig, which later turned into an experienced hunter for rare expensive mushrooms – truffles. Real friendships developed between man and animal. The idyll collapsed when one day the hermit’s shack was attacked by mysterious criminals. Having regained consciousness, the man realized that unknown intruders had kidnapped a four-legged friend. Naturally, the frustrated chef did not put up with the consequences, and headed to Portland to save the pig from a painful death.

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