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RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness Season 1

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness Season 1 Torrent The events in the small eastern country of Benamstan, in which the United States is deploying troops after several years of civil war, interested the journalist Claire Ratfield, and she begins to oversee the construction of infrastructure for the civilian population there. The heroine once attracted the attention of a drawing of a teenager who became disabled as a result of participation in hostilities, which depicted zombies. Claire, along with a delegation of the interim government of the eastern state, arrives at the White House to meet with an adviser to the American president. There, and at the same time, a team of special agents gathers to investigate the leak of important biological weapons information.

Suddenly, the lights go out in the building and it is unknown how armed zombies who have entered the presidential residence are trying to assassinate the president. After the attack of the entities was repulsed, Claire recognizes one of the agents as her old friend and shows him that very strange drawing, the images on which seem very familiar to him. A little later, the journalist becomes aware of the intention of the American government to locate an enterprise for the production of biological weapons in Benamstan. The heroine embarks on an investigation, which causes the displeasure of government circles, from which she receives overt threats.

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