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Riverdale Season 5

For a small town, the beginning of a new school year is a solemn and joyful event. But in Riverdale, a terrible incident happened that darkened the holiday. One of the students was killed. The schoolchildren who met after the holidays were stunned by this news. Archie knew the deceased well, because they were friends. The guy can’t get over the loss of a friend.

Riverdale Season 5 Torrent He devoted all summer to music, and even organized his own group. Returning to school, he again met his friend Betty, who has long been very fond of. And also a new girl came to their class, who began to be friends with Betty. The new girl, for some unknown reason, moved from the big city with her mother. In this family, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. But Archie really liked her, and it turned out to be mutual. The guy was at a crossroads, because he doesn’t know who to choose.

Friends begin their own investigation. Several more classmates join them. The guys find out that the sister of the deceased friend is behaving strangely, and this leads to the idea that she has something to hide. Gradually, they discover new interesting details of the life of the townspeople. Who would have thought that this could be happening in a quiet town. Friends are not going to retreat and are ready to achieve the truth in any way, even if for this it is necessary to rip off the masks. However, such a plan is not to the liking of those who are used to keeping their lives a secret.

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