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Rugrats Season 1

Favorite heroes return to tell a new story. The main character of the animated series is Tommy Pickles. This baby has recently been born, but already knows perfectly well what the wildest adventures are. Together with his friends Chucky and Angelica, Tommy constantly finds himself in all sorts of situations that you can hardly imagine. Rugrats Season 1 Torrent Tommy is already used to it, therefore, when he gets involved in another adventure, he already knows that a new experience awaits him. This time, the protagonist decides to help his best friend who is in trouble. But what happened?

Chuckie just wanted to be brave, but in fact he was in trouble, and now he needs Tommy’s help immediately. All the heroes of this animated series are in for a huge commotion, because what else to do at the moment when adults go about their business, it seems completely forgetting about the existence of children. These kids will drive anyone crazy. But, do not forget that they are just learning to live in this world, which means that someday the kids will stop getting into all sorts of stupid situations, but this is inaccurate.

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