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Silk Road (2021)

Silk Road 2021 Torrent The protagonist has become a real villain who is trying to bring one suffering to the world. This person is not afraid to fight with a large number of heroes and defenders. The man creates a special secret network where continuous criminals gather. Everyone who is part of this criminal group is engaged in the supply of weapons. Here you can also make false documents and buy drugs. This kind of activity was able to bring stability and power to a man. For the protagonist, it doesn’t matter at all how this money was earned.

He is ready to hack any site to achieve his own goal and is not at all afraid of retribution and punishment. After all, the man is sure that such a life will always be and the hour of reckoning will not come. However, he will have to be disappointed, because there will definitely be a volunteer who dreams of stopping such actions. Who will win this fight and who will this rescuer be? Will justice never prevail, or is there still a chance to stop the restless criminal? Can the protagonist lose everything overnight, from stability to power? Will the world be ready for a serious battle of merciless evil and decisive good?

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