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Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Space Jam: A New Legacy Torrent The talented athlete LeBron James has become a real icon for a multi-million army of basketball fans and fans. The noble man became the champion of the American Association, and managed to achieve dizzying success in his beloved field. The star had no idea that one day the usual luxurious life would change dramatically.

An insidious artificial intelligence tricked LeBron and his growing son Dominic into an unknown digital universe. Frightened father and son could not find a way out of the tangled death maze. The cybernetic organism invited innocent victims to lead a team of disobedient residents of Looney Tunes, who will fight the Star Bouncers team in a fair duel. James is joined by a loving couple Lolla and Bugs Bunny, who are forced to help the family cope with the task. The most difficult mission will force a just father to rethink negative relations with the only heir. The cartoons began to train before an important event in order to turn the site into a place where they will be able to show and demonstrate leadership and high mental development.

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