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The Americans Season 6

KGB spies in America are nothing new. This time, the committee is sending a young couple to the United States. They are in a fictitious marriage and live in the suburbs of Washington, collecting information for the USSR. And they are acting rather hastily: so far no one has suspected that Elizabeth and Philip are not real husband and wife, and even more so that they are spies. The Americans Season 6 Torrent Very ideological, a young man and a girl are trying to learn as much as possible about the country in which they live in order to help their state during the Cold War. But the more time they spend on enemy territory, the more often they are overcome by doubts – Philip and Elizabeth begin to think that people live in the United States much better than in the Union.

In addition, they have unexpected neighbors, and the couple does not know whether this is an accident, or whether they still fell under suspicion. The fact is that real FBI agents settled across the street from them. It seems that they still did not have time to suspect a couple, but who can be sure of that?

In addition, the matter is complicated by the mutual feelings that flare up between the fictitious spouses, as well as the growing danger – it has become very difficult to get in touch with informants. They do not know how to proceed and whether they want to continue espionage.

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