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The Education of Fredrick Fitzell (2020)

The Education of Fredrick Fitzell 2020 Torrent The main character, by the name of Fred, is a simple guy who has not yet decided on a profession in life. For a while, he dreamed of becoming an undercover FBI agent, then a professional detective, and then went into philosophy. Having reached the age of thirty, he was trapped in his own desires, which were different from survival in reality. A year ago, he discovered his talents for drawing, and he was drawn to become a famous artist. But the thought of earning a living began to confuse him. He needed to find a well-paid job in order to forget about the eternal need for money, but he was deprived of the chance to conquer the world with his works of art.

The people around him pushed him to enter the next stage of life – to become an adult, to make repairs in the house, to marry an old friend and have children. However, these thoughts blur and lose their former importance as soon as he meets an old friend from a far forgotten past. He reminds the guy of the old days, and they stumble upon a strange situation – an unusual kidnapping of a little girl. The guys decide to unite and make every effort to find the missing baby, and with her an expensive drug called “Mercury”.

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