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The Flight Attendant Season 1

Cassandra Bowden has been working for a prestigious airline as a flight attendant for several years and is completely satisfied with her life. Constant flights, different countries and noisy alcoholic parties, often ending in violent sex in the rooms of local hotels. The Flight Attendant Season 1 Torrent It seemed to her that this would go on forever. But the next flight to Dubai turned into a real nightmare for the girl. As always, after a stormy free time and a fair amount of drinking, Cassandra wakes up in the morning with a terrible headache. But this is not the worst thing. Next to her in bed, she discovers the corpse of an unknown man.

Cassandra frantically tries to remember who he is, but she remembers yesterday evening and night only in fits and starts. Realizing that the police will first suspect her of murder, the girl gathers all her will into a fist, puts herself in order and leaves the hotel with the rest of the crew. Only being on board the plane, Cassandra calms down a little, hoping that she managed to get past the worst. However, at the New York airport, police are waiting for Cassandra. The detectives are already aware of what happened in the Dubai hotel and they have many questions for the girl that she is unable to answer.

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