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The Good Fight Season 5

Diana Lockhart is a successful lady. She is at the head of a large firm that has been the victim of financial scams. The criminals turned out to be very cunning, they managed to completely rob Diana, leaving her penniless. The plot is based on the story of a mother and daughter, in whose lives are difficult times. The Good Fight Season 5 Torrent They had to leave the company, which had brought them good profits for many years. What can you do about it? Since nothing can be changed, it is necessary to move on and, no matter how painful it sounds, to start everything from scratch. In parallel to all this, details are revealed from the life of Maya, who is trying to find her vocation in this life, to find a worthy place of work. There is no work experience, therefore, employers are especially uninterested in her person.

However, fate turned out to be favorable to the mother and daughter. They ended up in the famous place of Lucky Queen, where they provided jobs. But even here pitfalls appear. At the workplace, only one will remain for a long time, the other will have to leave. We have to look for a haven urgently. If there is no work, then there will be nothing to pay for housing services, nothing to eat. A fierce family struggle begins. What is more important: family or money?

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