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The Irishman (2019)

The former mafioso, who did not disdain contract killings, is forced to live out in a nursing home. There he remembers the details of his own stormy biography all day long. The most vivid episodes of memories pass before the eyes of the audience of the film The Irishman Torrent. In the 50s, a young driver engaged in the transportation of meat products established ties with the family of the Italian mafia. He sold his cargo to her representatives, which he secretly stole.

Appearing before the court, he refused to name his accomplices, thereby earning the respect of the mafiosi. After becoming part of the underworld, he shot his friend, a union leader who had an affair with his daughter. The family did not forgive this, although the execution of the sentence was forced, and the refusal could threaten the safety of his wife and daughters. Reconciliation did not take place even after his release from prison at an advanced age.

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