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The Republic of Sarah Season 1

The series The Republic of Sarah Season 1 torrent tells about a girl who wants to protect her hometown from a large corporation. On the territory of the city of Greylock, deposits of coltan, a rare and expensive metal, were discovered. The company Lydon intends to mine, the founders of which do not think about either local residents or about damage to nature. Soon a mine should appear on the site of the town. Foreign English teacher Sarah Cooper disagrees with such plans.

She loves her city and is ready to do everything to prevent the actions of the earners. The girl creates an initiative group, attracts friends and students of her school, writes letters and organizes pickets. But every day it becomes more difficult to fight the corporation. In addition, the woman’s brother was on the side of the opponents. He works as a lawyer and defends the interests of the company. There has never been a warm relationship between brother and sister, but now they have worsened even more. What fate awaits the city and will caring residents be able to defend it? The main character makes an unexpected decision.

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