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The War with Grandpa (2020)

Grandpa Ed was left alone in the house and is already doing poorly at the house without his wife. The daughter decides to take him to her house so that the old man is with his family and under supervision. He doesn’t like this idea too much, but he doesn’t have to choose. The War with Grandpa 2020 Torrent There are no vacant rooms in the house, so the daughter suggests that 12-year-old Peter, Ed’s grandson, move into the attic and give his room to his grandfather. And no matter how much Peter loved his grandfather, he cannot forgive him for that. The boy is forced to give up all his wealth and live in a dark and cramped attic, where it is completely uncomfortable and bad.

Peter is not ready to come to terms with these changes, he considers all this to be unfair, and therefore declares war on his grandfather. The grandson intends to kick his grandfather out of his room, using various tricks, jokes and tricks. And if at first Ed closes his eyes to this, then at the next trick his patience can not stand it. Grandfather accepts the challenge – a real war begins. Ed connects his retirement friends to the fight, because he is an old soldier who is not used to losing.

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