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Why Women Kill Season 2

Black Comedy by Mark Cherry tells how the role of women has changed over the decades, but how their reaction to betrayal has not changed in the least. Why Women Kill Season 2 Torrent The first season described the lives of three women living in three different decades: a housewife in the 1960s, a socialite in the 1980s, and a modern woman lawyer in a polyamorous marriage.

In the second season, a new set of characters that also deal with acts of betrayal. The action takes place in 1949. As in the first season, the creators pay great attention to the study of what is hidden behind the false facades of an ideal life and what women are ready to go to in order to find their true face. One of the stories will focus on a couple whose marriage is in jeopardy when the wife finds out that her husband is not a harmless veterinarian.

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