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Wrong Turn (2021)

A group of trained men decides to set off while searching for the missing freight forwarders. Wrong Turn 2021 Torrent They have already heard that there are strange monsters in the forest, so they prepare themselves to the fullest. They buy new equipment and even take weapons with them. The guys are sure that they will definitely win in the fight against evil and find the missing people.

The guys come in cool cars and set up camp. After setting up tents and lighting a fire, the guys decided to have a little drink. She talked about everything that was happening around and went to bed. In the morning, the guys found someone’s blood, traces of which ended at one of the tents. As it turned out, the bodies of their comrades were lying there. The guy who was the sentry at night couldn’t say anything at all because he was too scared.

The guys were shocked, but decided to quickly contact with help. It turned out that there was no telephone connection, and the navigators did not work. The guys are completely isolated from civilization. The guys decided that it was better to leave as soon as possible, but there was no fuel in the cars. They believed that the monsters would attack at night, and during the day there is nothing to fear, but they were wrong. The monsters returned in the afternoon to take their prey and kill someone else.

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